Joliet U Pull It
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Phone: (815) 723-3011
Sell Your Vehicle
Sell Us Your Vehicle

Do you have a vehicle that you would like to get rid of? We are interested in all types of makes and models. Please fill out the short form below and we will contact you by phone and / or email you back within 1 hour. If you would like a quote by phone immediately, please call Larry at (815) 693-6678.

What you will need

1. Your car's title or payoff information   all titleholders should plan to be present.

2. Valid state-issued photo ID for all titleholders.

Do we need to tow the vehicle?
Is the vehicle complete? (Engine, Transmission, Wheels, Battery etc.)
What is wrong with the vehicle?
How did you hear about Joliet-U-Pull-It & Scrap?