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Joliet U Pull It

Joliet U Pull It
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Even though your car may be iconic of another time gone by, few cars ever become classics, especially, if they’ve gone through some considerable wear and tear and sprucing it up may cost more than its actual value!

Selling your old car is a great idea if you’re getting rid of junk or if it has suffered a major automobile accident and you need some quick cash.

Perhaps you’ve moved and lost paperwork, documentation, and other requirements that the state has on vehicles. It might be illegal to resell the car to others without the proper documentation. If lost, replacing it will cost money and take up your time. At Joliet-U-Pull It you just need to have your car's title and valid state-issued photo ID for all title holders.

Selling us your old car not only will get you top dollar for it, but you will also be helping the environment by recycling. While you’re probably aware of the existence of a large-scale global scrap metal recycling industry, you might be surprised by its size and scope.

These days, a significant amount of the metal that ends up in finished products like appliances and structural steel is recycled or “recovered.” There is a consciousness today about reusing things as our resources are important and you can feel good knowing that other people will get to use the car parts and metal in the car.

Whether you care about doing your part to minimize your environmental impact or simply want to make a few extra dollars, Joliet-U-Pull-It will give you the BEST deal GUARANTEED. Looking for parts? We rotate over 450-550 new cars weekly so there’s always new inventory on the lot. That means every 4-5 weeks the yard is completely "new".

Right now we’re offering $160 per ton of scrap metal for your car today: click here to get started.